Monday, July 6, 2015

San Francisco to Santa Monica

I'm tired and won't be writing much.  It was mostly a driving day anyway.

  • Drove both on the coast and freeway today.  The coast is very rocky, cliffs, not many beaches - weird. That's what I'd have expected from Oregon - and they mostly had beaches!
  • Stopped at Julia Pfeiffer hiking trail to see if we could find some California Condors.  No luck according to Sophie.  We did see some birds far, far away, who knows perhaps they were condors... impossible to know.  We also saw a little lizard there and a beautiful waterfall.  We did see whales off shore - lots of them! 
  • We then drove on and stopped at Elephant seal beach.  Pretty cool to see these giant blobs on the beach.  Males can measure 16 feet and weigh 5000 lbs!  Crazy!  They smell bad and they snort.  There were also "plain" seals.
  • We wanted to stop at Hearst Castle but opted out as the parking lot was so full we figured it would be a long wait time.
  • We stopped at bubblegum alley in I don't know where and got a $33 parking ticket.  My fault. That was an expensive gum.
  • Arrived in Santa Monica, went to the laundromat to do laundry.  It was Sophie's first time at the laundromat, first time playing Pacman, first time drinking cactus cola and we made a homeless friend.  I think he was a very smart man - with a mixed up mind... just like in the movie Beautiful Mind.
Other things worth mentioning:
  • 10 500 steps today - told you it was a driving day
  • even if you stop for one second, put money in the parking meter.  The meter guy sits there and waits for you not to.
  • The American "loonie" is useless.  None of the pop machines, laundry machines, games take them.
  • saw stellars jay, tons of turkey vultures, red tailed hawks, pelicans, gulls, cormorants, 

do not enter? You kidding? it's a cliff!!

who says this isn't a condor?


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