Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Comic Con Day 4

We got up late - made our way down to the convention centre using the shuttle
walked outside a bit to see if you could get one of those cute super girl t-shirt.  No luck.

We did a little Fear the Walking Dead thing - that was neat.  They had arranged a room to look like what the show will be like.  Cool looking zombies!  You could also watch a trailer to give you an idea of what the show will be like.  Looks cool - it's before Rick and the gang - just when the apocalypse happens.

Walked inside the vendor booths while Remi went to get autograph on his comic.
Met Remi upstairs to see Murphy from Z Nation.  Got a photo with him.  He was a cool guy! Takes a few hours to get his makeup on- there is 11 layers of colour on his face! 

Made our way outside to find a place to have lunch.  Decided to go to Dick’s Last Resort.  Special place!!  The waiters are very rude and you are supposed to be rude back.  It’s hilarious!  They make hats with funny or crude or rude comments on them.  Sophie was the “lucky” one to get a hat that said stripper in progress. She also got a special balloon.  To drink, we each had asked for a glass of water.  The water showed up with a bucket of water with 3 straws!  We had a good laugh!  I would recommend it!
After lunch, we got free ice cream again.

As we were walking back to the Convention Center, I was scared twice by zombies on the sidewalk.  One just showed up behind me and made a noise - I screamed and screamed and told him that wasn't very nice.  I start walking again when a second zombie, hiding behind a big sign, jumped in front of me and there I was yelling and yelling again, telling him he wasn't nice either.  Phew!  My heart was pounding!  No pictures of videos - but there was at least 1000 witnesses to this event and probably 600 of them laughing! 
Sophie tried on this mask.
We spent a bit more time on the vendors floor and left at around 2.  Enough of crowds and lines.
Had a bit of a nap and headed to the AMC nearby to see Jurassic World.  It was an ok movie.  Very similar to the last ones.  What else can you expect would happen… bad acting this time though.
Off to bed- huge day tomorrow! 

Other things worth mentioning:
  • Did you know in California motorcycles don’t follow the same rules as cars?  They can pass between cars and go on the shoulder.  Weird!  How do I know?  I stopped a police officer and asked him.
  • Took 15 000 steps

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