Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Comic Con Day 3 - Good, Bad, Ugly - Again?

This morning we were determined to get bracelets for the signing line for the show person of interest.  We got up shortly before 6am to be there before 7 when the line supposedly starts.  Guess what!  We get there just before 7 and the line is already a mile long!!!  WHAT?  People camp out for these lines as well?  My God there are a lot of crazy people out here!   So, we trudged to the end of the line - where we figure we are just a little closer than yesterday.  It doesn’t look good but we keep our spirits up - you know positive thinking bullshit…So, we look  behind us and who do we see?  Our Asian line buddies from yesterday!  We spent an hour and half with them yesterday - and will spend 2 hours with them today!  What are the chances of that happening? They thought the exact same thing we did - get up earlier… Ha! We also made new “friends” in front of us, and behind… what else are lines for?! 

We slowly make our way to the first flight of stairs, then we go up just as slowly (being shouted at to stay in a single file, against the railing -about 1000 times), we make it up the second flight of stairs, around the bend, into the first snake line, around the other corner, into the actual hall, and finally into the last snake which we can now see the sign that has the completed/non completed shows.  YEAH!! We still have a chance at getting the show we want!!  We see a lot of bummed faces though - sucks to be them just like it sucked to be us yesterday.  Our new friends   are excited for us even though they are bummed for themselves.  We are so close now! There are 5 people in front of us- it’s out turn… come on…NOOOOOO!!!! Our dreams shattered - the completed sign goes up on the board!! It’s not possible! Two days in a row?  4 hours wasted in line?  Oh well, what can you do, there is 4 people in front, there are still 2 shows -Containment an Outcast (two shows I’ve never heard of that will be starting in September)- we will try our luck.  Remi pulls a ticket from the Outcast hat - yeah! he got a bracelet- he’s guaranteed a group signature of the cast.  My turn - I pull and… yeah! I get a bracelet as well!  yippee!  Sophie’s turn - she pulls and Hip Hip Hooray! She also gets a ticket! Looks like our luck is turning!  How about our new friends?  They all got bracelets as well!  I guess this basket hadn’t been picked a lot!  The signing is only at 5:45 so of we all go in our merry ways- not ecstatic because we got what we wanted, but at least we got something! 

It’s panel time! What will we go see?  Well, apparently nothing.  The room we want to go to is already full - they were showing the pilot of Outcast - the bracelet we just pulled - it would’ve been nice to have some sort of idea who the people we will be meeting this afternoon are!   Down we go to the vendors hall - we didn’t go through the whole place yet so we spent some time in there.  It’s very much like the Comic Con in Ottawa, except bigger.  I think it’s better organized as you have lots of room to walk about.

After spending some time in there, doing the Walking Dead booth where you started - you guessed it! in a line - which only took about 5 minutes - taking a picture in front of a revolving door with a fake zombie behind.  All of a sudden, a “real” zombie puts his hand through the door- OMG!! I just about died!  You move on to take a picture with zombie mannequins laying on the ground - this is in the Wolves yard - you know, the scene with the trucks and disco music…  After than, you walk through the truck - well! let me tell you! I didn’t see anything in that truck as I ran through like a crazy woman screaming and screaming!  Holy smokes that scared me! The noises the zombies made sounded so real and scary!  I would never survive the zombie apocalypse! 

It really does look like our luck as turned! 
We decided to go spend some time outside as it’s kind of chilly in the building - across the street there are tons of things  to do as well.  Off we go - stopping at the car to drop off our bags. We cross the street and went for lunch in an Italian restaurant.  Feels great to eat real food.  I had lasagna, Sophie had spaghetti and Remi had chicken caesar salad.  As we got out of the restaurant, there were these people on stilts dressed up as Uncle Sam being eaten by a shark - Elaine and Wally would’ve loved them =)  They were there to represent Sharknado 3!  It was like a political protest against sharks! Fun!  You downloaded their app - go shark yourself - and you got a fun foam hat.  Then, you took a selfie with a shark and you got a foam hand thing with a saw.  Took some photos, had some fun, got our hat and hand things and off we go to find a pharmacy.

Why a pharmacy?  Because my delicate lips are in so much pain.  My bottom lip is completely covered with cold sores - from the sun and wind.  It hurts to much I can’t even describe it.  Thank God we found one so I could get some Blistex to keep my lips hydrated - it doesn’t really help with the pain, but nothing does.  I’ve talked Advil and tylenol but nothing helps.

Off we go again, we decided to take a different street to go back and see what they had to offer - take a selfie and share you’ll get ice cream, download this app, you’ll spin the wheel and win a prize… fun, fun, fun!  It’s amazing how a whole city can get involved!  We also got free popsicles and Sophie sat in a red velvet chair where a man fed her her popsicle!  Ha! Ha! 

The lines here are just as ridiculous as on the other side. There is a line for a Game of Thrones thing - our Asian friends waited 5 hours to do it!  There is a line to get a super cute super girl t-shirt (they ran out of adult sizes), there is a line for Assassin’s Creed - was like American Ninja Warrior.  We didn’t any of these but watching a little while.  We needed to get back to the hall to try and get in to see the Grimm panel.  We get there and the room is full - join the line!  I hope you are not surprised by this new line… it wouldn’t be Comic Con without lines!  

Here we made new friends.  They are from here - two kids, one 16 and one 13.  We have lots in common - I guess so since we are both here!  We did get in to see Grimm!  It was a good panel.  All the cast was there except for Juliette and I didn’t like that character so I’m good with that! 

On to the next thing.  Going to the Warner Brother booth to see if we can find someone that will exchange their Person of Interest bracelet for an Outcast bracelet.  Sophie has tried a couple times today with no luck.  We find a couple that are willing to change.  Yeah!  but she can’t get it off her arm. Boo!  Remi has shaving cream in the bag will that help?  No.  Boo!  The girls apologizes profusely - we tell her not to worry, she was nice enough to try.  So she says, well, you can have my signed poster if you want, just give me your bracelet.  WHAT?!?  of course Sophie said yes!  We walked around while the girls went through the line - we got photos of the actors (this part is way better than Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal!- you can take all the pictures you want - if you can manage getting yelled at to keep on moving - In the aforementioned cities - no photo taking is allowed).  The girl shows up with her poster and just gave it to us.  Sophie was up on the moon happy!  Didn’t get to talk to the actors, but she did get to see them, and got the signatures!  How nice - there are still some decent human beings out there! 

Remi brought Sophie to the Person of Interest Panel - while I went to the car to drop off the golden poster.  Remi and I were to meet back at the WB booth for our signature time - 5:45.  I get there and guess who I meet?!  My Asian friends!!  I ask them to take a selfie of us so I can send it to Sophie and Remi saying “look who I found”!  They are happy to and think that’s hilarious.  You know, geeks find everything funny =).  We get in line (yes, again). This time though, you don’t mind because you are guaranteed something.  Find Remi - he’s in line a little before us.

The signature part is a little disappointing.  You have to time to say anything.  The security people just push you along.  They are on a tight schedule.  Even the actors seem a little in shock of how quick it goes.  We say hello, move on, hello, move on, hello, move on.  That was quick! much quicker than the waiting in line.  We have our poster - we say goodbye to our friends as we won’t be lining up tomorrow morning!  and we go and get Sophie from her room.

She’s all excited - and sad - she was in line to ask the panel a question and they ran out of time just before her.  I’m telling you!  We are cursed!  This happened to her before too!  It was a Walking Dead panel in Ottawa… 

It was time to go for dinner - we went to the car to drop off the bags, and to get our sweatshirts and tickets for the orchestra.  We get to the car, take out the sweats, where are the tickets?  At the hotel!!!!!!!!!!!  There are no in and out privileges for the parking lot.  Damn it!  We decided to take our chances and go to the ticket office.  Our luck runs in again!  They have will call and our tickets!  Phew! We had a quick dinner of hot dogs and chips, took our seats and watched Star Trek Into the Darkness - accompanied by the San Diego Symphony.  It’s quite interesting this concept!  It’s also interesting watching a Star Trek movie with Trekkies - they are W.E.I.R.D. They clap, and yell, and hoot - really?  You’ve seen the movie 1000 times and you are still hooting?  How annoying.  

After the show, we went to the hotel where I fell fast asleep! 

Other Things worth Mentioning:
  • Took 25 000 steps
  • Sunscreen is a must - so is sf lip balm - learned that the hard way
  • Sophie figured out that actors don’t sound the same as they do on TV
  • The God people on the street corner are annoying
  • There are cool social bikes here - sits about 12 people - you pedal to make it go forward 

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