Friday, July 10, 2015

Los Angeles Day 3

We got up early to go run on the beach.  We found parking, got out and went running on the Santa Monica Beach.  Beautiful spot to run! Wish I could do that more often!  Funny thing happened:  an older man - I’d say in his seventies was running, we went by him, smiling as we passed.  On our way back (we turned around at 1.5 km) we passed him.  He looked like he was about to die… but nope! When he saw a woman was passing him, he put into 5th gear and passed me to only slow down and look like he was dying again!  All three of us were laughing inside!   Just be thankful you are running!  Speed doesn’t matter! You are doing it! 
The real RV from the movie!!!

After our run we went for a tour of the Sony Pictures.  Not quite as cool as WB - the guide was better and more in depth, but not as much to see.

We went on the set of The Goldbergs, Masters of Sex and Jeopardy.

We then drove off to San Diego.  We made two stops: one to visit Esther, my cousin, and the other was a preservation area where we saw various birds. 

Other things worth mentioning:

  • Took 16 000 steps
  • Internet still sucks
  • saw various types of terns, skimmer, long billed curlew, pelican, killdeer, whimbrel, marbled god-wit, willet, great blue heron, two types of egrets, pied-billed grebe, some kind of sparrow, osprey carrying dinner, 

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