Friday, July 10, 2015

San Diego - Comic Con Day 1

Comi-con! First day - nothing really special.  It is HUGE! There is the convention centre plus the Petco Park parking lot plus I don’t know how many hotels’ convention rooms.  It’s not possible to do all you want to do.  

One thing we won't be doing is going to panels that take place in Hall C - it’s just ridiculous!  Here’s how it works:  First you have to line up the night before the panel you want to see (we wanted to see Walking Dead tomorrow) to get a bracelet.  Secondly, you go wait in line for the panel.  So, there is two lines already.  You could be waiting for hours and hours to get your bracelet, then the crazy people who brought their sleeping bags will be going to the panel line right away and spend the night… You could be waiting 10 hours - literally!  
We walked for 2 km and weren’t even at the end of the line yet!  How crazy is that?! So, the people at the end of this first line aren’t even guaranteed a spot in the hall!  Can you imagine waiting 5 to 6 hours to get your bracelet and you can’t even get in?  I’d be totally pissed off!  

There was no way in hell we were waiting in that line - so unfortunately we won’t be seeing the Walking Dead or the Fear the Dead panels that we wanted to see.  I’m not that crazy!  There are other panels we wanted to see at the same time… so we will go do that instead.

We’ve received free comic books and a free t-shirt today.  Wonder if we will get anything tomorrow…Oh - we also got free sunglasses.  We could’ve gotten a free Charlie Brown hat but we were too late. Wasn’t that nice anyway =)

The line-ups are absolutely crazy - but that’s to be expected.  Rémi spent the afternoon in 2 lines to get two comic books signed.  Good thing those signatures are free! 
Sophie and I went to see a panel: Destination America: Ghost Asylum.  That’s where we got free t-shirts. 

I’m happy we won the opportunity to purchase cheap parking passes because we would be spending more time in lines to take the free shuttles! 

Other things worth mentioning:
  • There is an insane amount of people attending Comic-Con
  • I took 18 000 steps
  • I ate at the Cheesecake Factory and had a very yummy piece of Cherry Cheesecake! 

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