Friday, July 10, 2015

Los Angeles - Day 2

Warner Brothers - we visited this studio - quite interesting to see the behind the camera magic!  It’s not at all what you expect!  We saw all sorts of outdoor sets - interesting enough - some houses have two facades - one in the front, and one in the back of the house - some even had 3!  Inside, there are no ceilings! 

We also went on the set of The Ellen Show and Two Broke Girls.  Again, things are not what they seem! 

The tour took 2 hours.

After the tour, it was time for lunch.  We went to Pinks hot dog place - a well known “restaurant” that sells fancy hot dogs- the Works for hotdogs!  I, of course, had a plain jane hotdog =)

After lunch, we spent some time walking on the Hollywood Boulevard - checking out the stars and hand prints.  We decided to go see a movie inside the old Chinese Theatre.  What a beautiful place!  Just gorgeous!  We saw the movie Terminator.  It was ok.  Very loud!  The washroom were just beautiful as well! 

When we left Hollywood Blvd, we wanted to go for a hike at Runyon Canyon but couldn’t find a place to park so instead we went to see the La Brae tar Pits.  Of course humans had to ruin this beautiful lake to make money taking oil.  They even found Mammoth remains in the lake.

Tomorrow will be our last day in L.A.  We are leaving for… San Diego tomorrow early afternoon!

Other things worth mentioning:

Took  12 000 steps - not much!
More photos to come when I can get a decent internet connection.  You would think this is "the most advanced country in the world" You'd think they could have good internet services! 

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