Saturday, May 12, 2018

Group hike -Meech Lake

Got up early this morning to go hiking with out Peru Trekking group.  Jason, Tracey, Paul, Heather, Remi and I met up at P11 - the parking at Meech Lake.  We set out towards the Carbide ruins and beyond. 

It was a perfect morning for a hike - beautiful weather: under 10 degrees, the sun shining, not too many bugs yet - only a few stubborn mosquitos.  We set off up that first hill and walked to the beautiful ruins.  We took a couple minutes to chat a bit, take a few pictures and off we went continuing on the trail up the other side. 

We went for a while, some of us trying not to get our boots too dirty or wet!  When we got back to our cars, we had completed  little over 6km.  Next hike will have to be a bit longer...but this was a great start!
The beautiful falls.

Remi and I

Paul and Heather

Tracey and Jason

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Peru and training

In preparation for our trip, our training sessions continue.  A few of us are meeting once a week with a trainer and we are doing all sorts of interesting exercises in order to build muscle and strength.  We are flipping tires, pushing and pulling heavy things, carrying heavy loads... we are having lots of fun!

One thing we can't really prepare for is altitude and how that will affect us.  I wish there was some way...

We've been on one group hike so far.  With the wet and windy spring, Gatineau Park has been closed and so are the trails.  Looking forward to that opening!  Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later!

That's where it's at for now!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

First Christie Lake Climb for Kids Fundraiser Event

Last Friday, we had our first group fundraising event for Christie Lake Kids: a night out at Fatboys Restaurant - with live music, a silent auction and a raffle.

A week before the event, we were a little worried because only 30 tickets had been sold -we were expecting to sell at least 60... that is a bit worrisome...  The night finally arrived and wow!  What a turn out!  The place was packed!  We sold more tickets than our intended 60.  The totals have yet come out...I'm sure there was was at least 75 people.  The place was buzzing with friends, laughter and chit chats!

Music started at about 7:45.  The band was called First Bass- they were fantastic!  They played a nice variety of music -which made it even better!

The silent auction had many wonderful items -from paintings, to gift certificates at restaurants, massages, facials, gas, scarves, a beautiful wooden bench to name a few.  We bid on a few items - a beautiful piece of art and a birding outing and won both those items.  We were outbid on a couple more items... such is life!

Overall - Fantastic turn out!  Better yet - lots of money raised for our charity of choice! 

Looking forward to the next event - I have no idea what it's about - we should find out soon!

Here's my fundraising page... Please consider donating - 100% goes to the charity...

Saturday, March 17, 2018


What a fun week I've had!  On Monday morning, I got up early to catch a flight to Santa Ana California to visit my cousin Esther.  Our plan was to go hiking and running in the trails there.  On Tuesday, we got up and drove to Cucamango Peak where we ascended the mountain.  There were some pretty scary parts but I managed to get through them.  Unfortunately we were not able to make it to the peak.  The weather changes quickly on mountains.  We turned a corner and all of a sudden the wind was really strong and clouds had rolled in and we couldn't see where we were going.  We opted to stay safe and turn around.  It's too bad as we had about 2 km to go.  It was useless to keep going as there wouldn't have been a view anyways...  Next time!  On our way down, you get to a certain point where you can go left or right.  We had come up from the right so we decided to go down through the left.  Boy!  The view was amazing!  The trail was even thinner than the other side - but I did it!  When we go to the car, the rain started to pour!  We made it back just in time!

The next day, we went for a 12 km run in the trails around Laguna Beach.  Beautiful and challenging trails!  Much more difficult than here with the ups and downs!  I didn't see any snakes, lizards or cougars!

On Thursday we were supposed to ascend Mt. Wilson but my calves were hurting real bad!  Not being used to hills just killed them!  We decided to just go walking in trails in the area and take it easy.  Well... 10km later -up and down, up and down, my calves had warmed up and weren't hurting as bad... but boy!  We saw rabbits, quails, other birds and funny rocks - but no cougars, snakes or lizards.  We went out for dinner and a movie.

Friday morning was time to go home... which is a little sad as I know what I'm going to... snow and cold... yuck!

I had a great time in California!  66km, 1 mountain, multiple trails, great food and company!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Peru Training

Paul managed to find a personal trainer to get us started on our journey to get read y for our high altitude trek through the mountains of Peru.  Byron has hike in high altitudes before and so has a pretty good idea of what we are getting ourselves into.

Tonight's workout was all about the upper legs and hips.  Front lunges, back lunges, side lunges, squats, a bit of stair work, more lunges this way and that way!   That's how it went for an hour.  I'm pretty sure I will feel this workout for the next couple of days!

We had 9 people present for the training session.  Sophie was missing as she had an exam the next morning and wanted to study.

Update - in the morning, I really didn't feel sore at all - the quads were just a tiny bit tender.  As the day went on, I could feel my legs more and more.  By Saturday morning - OUCH in full swing!  I'm sure these DOMS will all be worth it come August!

Training update:  March 25
Our training is going well!  I can already feel a difference in my legs.  We are all working hard and enjoying the workouts prepared by Byron and Shaun.  It's funny how the body gets used to and adapts to the workouts.  There is no more soreness the next day - unless there is a new muscle group being worked on -ie. shoulders and arms!

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Our team is finally complete!  16 of us (including Remi and Sophie) will be trekking through the mountains of Peru on an adventure of a lifetime!

The planning, training and fundraising are underway!   We are raising money for Christie Lake Kids - a non-profit organization that delivers various programs to under privileged children.  My goal is to raise at least $1000.

The planning is pretty much all done for us as we are working with Merit Travel Agency -I just have to plan what I'm bringing with me!

The training part will be underway starting Thursday.  We have a personal trainer to help us get started.  Come spring, Gatineau Park it will be for hill training and hiking.

Here is my fundraising page in case you are feeling generous and want to help out.  100% of the money is going to Christie Lake Kids.  I will match donations up to $500.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

New York -our comings and goings

Let me start by saying that traveling with Sophie is different!  She's 18 and has always traveled with us.  This year, she's on an adventure of her own...

This is our second time in the Big Apple.  We've decided to not plan anything and to just go and enjoy.  Well, I should rephrase... I decided to not plan anything.  The only planned activity was the Damon Runyon Yankee Stadium Race on Saturday morning... so let's start there.

Yankee Stadium Race
Race morning - we are ready for it!  We take the subway as we have to make our way to the Bronx from Manhattan.  This was the easy part!  The race itself was great!  We ran 2 loops around the first floor, made our way to the warning track and went around twice taking pictures and videos on the way.  We then had to make our way up, up, up the stairs were we ran around the second floor twice - going up and down and up and down.  Those stairs sure were killers!! All in all, the race was 5km.  We ended the race, got our medal, t-shirts and snack and off we went to shower and change.  Our ride home was more eventful than the ride there.  All of a sudden, a group of 6 young African American climbed on.  They politely asked us to move so they could do a performance.  The boom box went on and off they were!  Dancing using the poles and hats... interesting to say the least!  I wish I could have gotten it on film - but I didn't want to attract any attention as I didn't have any money to give them.

During our week we took the subway a couple of times -even changing trains - which made Remi think we were now pros... I was quick to say nope - you have to go through Central Station before saying you are a pro!

The other things we did -  in no particular order:

  • walked around Time Square, Central Park, Battery Park, Downtown -you get the picture - we walked A LOT! 
  • ran in Central Park a couple of times
  • had breakfast at the Kellogg's NYC - fun and worthwhile! 
  • had a bellini at our hotel lounge - absolutely disgusting!  Not what I was expecting - there was no slush! It was not the Milestones kind of Bellini! 
  • had lunch at Ellen's Stardust -the funniest thing is for over a month I thought I was going to eat at Ellen's (Degeneres) restaurant.  Reading the menu, I quickly figured out it was NOT the same Ellen!  Seeing the sign I also wondered why Ellen would have such a tacky sign!  We sure had a good laugh at that!  The food was ok - the entertainment was great! Worth going. 
  • We decided not to go see a Broadway show - I didn't feel like it and I didn't see any that really interested me. 
  • did the Radio City Music Hall Tour - was very interesting!  Enjoyed learning the history of this place! 
  • Had dinner at Junior's so we could have cheesecake.  We should've just had cheesecake.  Food was ok - but sure was expensive!  One plate would've been good to feed a whole family! 
  • We took the subway to I can't remember where and walked the rest to the start of the High Line - an old railway transformed into a walkway.  We walked the whole thing to the end and back.  
  • We had Pizza at Arturo's - it was ok... not the best pizza I've ever had... Then we walked all the way back to our hotel - all the way from lower than 1st to 51st. 
  • We did have dinner at Chopt - fabulous!!  It was a salad place... yum! 
  • Took the subway to Brooklyn so we could purchase some rainbow bagels.  They taste kind of sweet! 
  • visited the big Cathedral

A couple pics...

High Line

Hotel Lounge
What they call urban garden

The moon forgot to go to bed!

Radio City