Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Last day of our Trip

We are spending the day with my dear cousin Esther.  First thing this morning is Living Coast Reserve.  We have a surprise for Sophie here.  She will get VIP treatment and get real close to a burrowing owl - which she would LOVE to see.

We get there, get on the shuttle bus (you can't drive all the way there due to endangered species of birds) and start our visit.  There are a couple of touch tanks, some aquariums, cages of raptors and other birds.  Pretty cool place.  It was then time for our VIP tour.  A guide brought us to all the raptor cages and told us their story and about them (which we pretty much knew all the info except for their story of course).   We then had the opportunity to visit the "bird house" where they prepare all the food for the birds and other animals.  Some birds eat mice while others eat chicks.  After this, we went into the "condos" where the guide got the burrowing out for our viewing.  I thought Sophie was going to cry - but nope - close though!  She didn't get to hold or touch it, but she was very close to it and got to take lots of photos.  

We then drove to Coronado Island where we went running on the beach.  Our last run of our trip - and we get to run with Esther.  Fun!   Before running we had "lunch" - Frozen yogurt - not the best thing to eat before running.  It was a difficult run due to the fact we just ate ice cream and we have not run in a week.  We should've gone out on Monday!  Oh well! We did 5km anyway.  

Afterwards we went for dinner and off to the airport.  It was great spending time with Esther!  It was really nice of her to come to San Diego to spend the day.  

We are now sitting in the airport, I have free wi-fi for 30 minutes so I'm trying to get as much in as possible.

Other things worth mentioning:
  • Took 18 000 steps
  • running in soft sand is hard
  • there are too many freeways in San Diego
  • it's hard to find Pepsi in California.  What's wrong with these people? Coke? Really?

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