Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Witless Bay - Bird and Whale Watching

Another fabulous day spent outside!

We embarked on a boat today to go bird watching.  You want birds? OMG!!!  You've never seen anything like this I'm sure!  500 000 puffins at the same spot!!! Incredible!  Thing is, there aren't only puffins here! There are razorbills, murres and various types of gulls - even some with their babies.  It's noisy, smelly and wonderful! Sophie was in heaven with all those birds around!  We also got to see minke whales (they are kind of boring as they don't do much - no spout, no fluke) and a beautiful humpback (they are the "fun" ones - they come right up to your boat, show off their flukes and can even be seen breeching).

On the first tour, I was talking to one of the crew members mentioning how I would've loved to have seen a whale... so, he offered to give us a second tour for free!  Wow! What a nice man!  Of course we didn't refuse and on the second time out is when we saw the gigantic humpback - right beside the boat!

Newfoundland is turning it out to be a wonderful place!

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  1. Nat:

    I have so enjoyed reading your blog entries. They make me laugh just as you do when we are speaking.

    I offer my apologies to you for your 'see shit' route. I didn't know you felt so strongly about pine trees. Also, I bet your pizza dinner really left you wanting more (food that is, not pizza).

    I am totally envious about your whale watching. WOW, what an experience! I am also jealous about you walking around the old viking settlement. I too would be visualizing life as it would have been when the first settlers were there. You are right history is totally cool, and indeed it would be an awesome way to teach. We should all be independently wealthy in order to afford our students these types of luxuries.

    I had to laugh at your description of the townsfolk greeting visitors from the ferry then coming back to see them off. It is amusing and endearing all at the same time.

    I love the photos. I can almost feel how laid back everything and everyone would be. Nice to visit, but I too don't think I could live there.

    Keep blogging. I will keep reading. If you go missing, I will know it is the older couple who seem to be stalking you. It would be best for you to post their photo, so I know who to hunt down.

    I love the photo of Remi & Sophie. I don't mind saying that my blond daughter is rather beautiful.