Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rocky Harbour

We left Port aux Basques as soon as we got off the ferry.  We were on our way to Rocky Harbour to catch a boat tour to see the fjord - more on that coming in a few minutes... first - our first impressions of the island!

Wow!  It really is just a giant rock!!  There is NOTHING for miles and miles and miles!  It's beautiful and boring at the same time.  Some parts are breathtaking while others remind me of driving home and how much I hate pine trees!

We finally arrived in Gros Morne Park - where we will be for a couple of days.  We went to our hotel and of course our room wasn't ready.  We drove off to West Brook for a boat tour to see a fjord - which really isn't a fjord since the last 9 000 years but anyway - what a beautiful sight!  You start off with a 3 km walk on a path, boardwalk.  On the way you can see bogs, plants and not too many animals - try none!

It was a 2 hour boat ride - a tad long - but well worth it.  The tour guide points out different things to

look at... very nice.  You conclude with a walk back to your car - we saw our first Nfld moose!  A skinny cow - maybe 2 years old or so.  She was very close to the boardwalk!

We drove back to Rocky Harbour - about 25 km to have dinner.  Sophie and I have discovered that you can not be in a hurry as everything moves in slow motion around here!  Not easy to get used to!  After dinner, Sophie and I went for a walk the rocky beach and found some awesome rocks!  It's interesting how they are all so soft -and many are really flat!

I'm pooped and ready for bed!

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