Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cape Spear and Signal Hill

This morning we got up to lots of RDF (rain drizzle and fog)!  We made our way to Cape Spear - the Eastern most tip of Canada.  We didn't see the sunrise but that's fine.  We did see gannets diving for fish, and some whales - right from shore!  The cliffs here are big.  There are signs everywhere to remind you of the danger.

There is a lighthouse here and a house that was used by the operator of the lighthouse and his family.  We didn't pay to enter the house but we did see the outside of it.

After doing the trails here we continued our journey to Signal Hill.  We parked our car at the bottom - Geo Johnson Center and started walking up.  What a view of St. John's!  It's stunning!  We made it all the way to the top by walking in hiking trails and kept the longest one for the end - when going back down (thank goodness as it has over 800 steps - going up would be a killer!!!)

Our hike down was beautiful and scary at the same time!  Some points are so close to the edge there is a chain for you to hold on to!  I didn't really like that... but I did it!  We ended up at the bottom in some dinky little village and had to ask for directions to get back to our car.

What a wonderful day outside!  We concluded with a seeing World War Z at the theater.

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