Monday, July 1, 2013

Driving to Ferry

Today was an adventure!  We got up, had breakfast and went on our merry way to catch the ferry that would bring us to Newfoundland.

We arrived in Cape Breton a little early and so we decided to stop at the visitor center to see which route would be scenic but not too long as we had a ferry to catch.  So, the friendly lady highlights a map for us and sends us along... here starts the adventure!

She sent us through the Bras d'or scenic route - which we have re-baptized the see shit route!  This route brought us in the boondocks of Cape Breton -in the rain, gravel roads and trees, trees, trees and more trees!  There was absolutely NOTHING to see!  As you know, there is a reason for everything... I'm guessing the reason this was put on our path was to help this older gentleman who had "dropped" his huge motorcycle and he couldn't bring it back up on it's wheels.

We got off this route as soon as we could (which couldn't be soon enough!), got back on the highway - wich ended up being quite scenic!

We got to the ferry yard in plenty of time - walked around for a while then got on the ferry.  We quickly found our room and went to bed.  Surprisingly enough, the beds were comfortable!  The boat was beautiful!  It's unbelievable how many cars and transport trucks fit on this ship!  Wow!

That was our day!

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