Sunday, July 7, 2013

Back in Nfld

Not much to talk about today!  We got up this morning, got ready, had breakfast and walked around for a long while, waiting for the ferry to get going.

We arrived in Fortune, Nfld at 2:30.  The funny thing is all the locals that go to the dock to see the people coming off and getting on the ferry!  It's like the folks that go to Timmies everyday!  It's the big action of the small town!  We saw the same people today we saw yesterday when we were leaving!   They just show up, and start chatting with you!  Too funny!  It's kind of nice actually!  The old man that chatted it up yesterday came up to ask us how our trip went.

We drove all the way to St. John's - about 4 hours away - found our hotel, settle in, went for dinner and completed the evening with a walk downtown St.John's.  What a quaint city!  The ships in the port are HUGE!!!  I will take pictures tomorrow as it was too dark tonight.

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