Saturday, July 6, 2013

St.Pierre et Miquelon

Got up this morning and took the ferry to St.Pierre et Miquelon, a French archipelago.  The ferry ride was about 1 hour long... and you felt like you were sitting in a roller coaster -  not the best feeling...

The island of St.Pierre is cute - lots of coloured houses - orange, blue, yellow, red - you name it they've got it!  There isn't much to do here.  Stores close from 12:00 to 2:00 and on Saturdays, many stores are closed in the afternoon.  What's left? Not much!  We walked around for a while, ate an ice cream cone and watched a movie on tv.

The town is set on the flank of a "mountain" so the streets are all on a steep hill.  We walked up to a lookout - where you could see the whole town.  We then hiked a little higher to get an even better view point.

I wish I'd had known everything was closed - I would've picked a different day to come!  Oh well - a relaxing day (except for that uphill walk!).

For lunch I had green salad - this means lettuce and dressing!  Sophie had a Ceasar salad and Remi had some kind of crêpe with cheese and ham.  For dessert Sophie and I shared a very yummy crêpe with ice cream, caramel and whip cream - which was the best part of lunch!

You can't have dinner until 8pm!  I would have a hard time living here as we usually have dinner at 5 or so!  We will be eating French pizza for dinner.  I wonder what that will be like!

I'm back to tell you about my pizza... What a joke!  Here's the story:  when you order a pizza they ask you for how many people (no such thing as small medium large).  We answer 4 as there are three of us.  We give the address - they know we are at a hotel.  They deliver the pizza - 1 1/2 hours later (people don't have dinner until 8pm).  Do you think this pizza could feed 4 people? No way!  It was a small pizza (8" if even!!) - and it tasted like those cheap frozen pizzas you buy at Loblaws!!  Plus, it wasn't even cut - they know it's for 4, and at a hotel so we wouldn't have utensils... Moral?  Don't buy pizza in St.Pierre and Miquelon!

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