Thursday, July 4, 2013

L'Anse au Meadow

Off we go again to visit L'Anse au Meadow - an old viking settlement.  Being at the most northern tip of Newfoundland is pretty cool - no pun intended!  It's quite chilly here.  There isn't too much in terms of vegetation - lichen,  some very small pine trees, a few wild flowers -I didn't know that irises grew in the wild - these cool little puff things and a few leafy bushes.  The tundra is not a friendly place - lots of bogs, small lakes - or ponds as they call them here.

 It was a long drive to get here - but well worth it!  What an amazing place!  We saw our first icebergs on the way - huge ones too!  We stopped to take pictures and who did we see?  This older couple from New Brunswick that we keep bumping into!  Too funny!  What are the chances we stop at the same place at the same time?!   Weird!

After chatting for a few minutes, taking pictures for another few minutes we got back in our car to get to the viking settlement - about 2 minutes away.  It's a great place to visit! I wish I could bring my students here!  Lots of history to be heard and seen!

Of course, it's a "remake" of the settlement as a 1000 years is a long time for something to last.  You can still see where the original buildings would've been - the walls, the benches and the fire pits.

After visiting the little village, you could take a 3 km hike.  We went for the hike and loved it!  What a beautiful place!  The ocean on one side, the tundra on the other... beautiful!  It's amazing to think we stood where Lief Erickson stood!  History is fascinating!  I wish my teachers would've been able to make me like history in school...

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