Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sea Kayaking

We went sea kayaking in Cape Broyle today!  That was fun!  We didn't get to see any whales but we got to see and touch sea urchins - and even eat one!  Did you know that sea urchins don't have a brain or lungs or anything else for that matter?

The guide used a knife and cut it up for everyone to taste.  She said it would taste like a fruit - and it sorta tasted like cantaloup or mango - but I thought it tasted like mussels - yuck! Raw sea urchin - who would ever think I'd eat that?!

We kayaked for 2 hours.  We went between rocks making sure we didn't get caught on the rocks of death.  The swells were getting quite big for us beginner kayakers - 3 and 4 feet!

 We then arrived at insanity cliff (213 feet high cliffs) where a boat was waiting to get us and take us back to the dock.  Great sunny day!

After our adventure kayaking, we went to Ferryland.  There is a lighthouse there.  It's at the end of a cove so you could see whales.  We think we saw minkes but not 100% sure.  I took pictures of the lighthouse - will add them later.

We are now off to St.John's haunted walk.

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