Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New York - Then Day 7

Today was a walking day!
Remi at end of tunnel - Running joke is
that there are lots of dead people in these tunnels
on tv anyways!  We didn't see one =)
Remi and I got up early and went for a last run in Central Park - one of my highlights of the trip - who

This is the Ansonia - where 666 Park Avenue was filmed-
it is nowhere near park Av.
It's not even on the right side of the park! 
would ever though running in a park would be a highlight for me?  Well, it's a beautiful place! What can I say?!

We walked for over 20 km today.  We walked the whole length of the park (there and back) looking for the building where 666 Park Avenue was filmed.  I thought it was near the end of the park - ends up it was more near the beginning - so we walked all of that for nothing... We did find it though - and it was well worth it!  What a building!  Wow!

We didn't do much more than walk about and watch a couple episodes of Criminal Minds.  We had to go to bed early since we are leaving early - making our way to Cape May in NJ (2 hours away) before heading home.

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