Friday, July 11, 2014

New York - Day 2

Before I start with day 2 - I must tell you about this woman I forgot to mention yesterday!  As we are walking down Times Square we see this 70 year old woman (at least 70) NAKED - wearing only a bikini bottom - huge boobs down to her almost knees - with stars stuck on the ends - holding a guitar - it was quite a sight!!! I wonder if this would be a good job for my mom? LOL

On to day 2!  We had a busy walking day today!  Phew!  We took the bus early in the morning to try and miss the crowds going to the statue of Liberty.  Good thing!  You know, she's not as big as you imagine.  She's big - I just imagined bigger I guess (so does everyone else who've seen her!)  We walked the grounds for a while taking pictures of her and the skyline.  We skipped Ellis Island - didn't want to get off the boat and wait in line again to get back on.  We saw the building- that was good enough for me.

Back in Manhattan - we walked to the 9/11 Memorial - as my husband would be able to attest this proved to be a bit much for me emotionally.  Just thinking about it now as I write makes my heart sink.  What a beautiful, well thought out, respectful place.  I paid my respects at both falls and we continued to the tribune museum type place.  Wow - even worse!  I had to ask for tissues and I just could not do it without many, many tears... seeing the photos, reading the tidbits, seeing the pieces of debris - wow - emotions abound!  Very touching... if I'm this distraught for 3 000 strangers who died, how would it be for millions in Auschwitz? I can't even imagine or think about it...

Moving on - had lunch at Burger King- interestingly enough - it was a sit down restaurant! Weird for a fast food joint!

Sophie with NYPD officer

We saw Wall Street - a little underwhelming - tiny little street, no bling no nothing.  I got a picture of Remi with the famous bull.

We made our way back to Battery Park as we had a ride on a schooner.  That was neat - sort of like pirate ship =)  This tour lasted 90 minutes.

We walked over to the Evolution store to see nice skulls (for Sophie of course).  There were some pretty cool ones - way to expensive!  She did manage to get an african killer bee (dead) and earrings made with wings of a beetle.  

Back on the bus to go to our final destination of the day - Katie Perry concert!  Now THAT was something else and quite the adventure!!! Are you ready?

So, we get there, go through security (yup, they check your bags at the door, then metal detect everyone, explosive dogs are around - safety first I guess).  We finally get to the door to scan our tickets - I go in - no problem.  Remi and Sophie’s turn - the guys tells them they can’t enter their tickets have already been scan!!  I can’t come back since my ticket’s been scanned already… WHAT?!? Remi gets on the phone with the company he bought tickets from… long story short - the supervisor of the arena crew comes over, validates m ticket so I can come out and back in again - Remi got new tickets from the company (better ones) and we all went in.

I was not seated with Remi and Sophie for the concert.  I get to my seat, there’s a woman sitting in it!  She took my seat instead of hers because she had little girls and didn’t want to leave them - fine - I took her seat - I’m guessing this will come back to me some day - you know, pay it forward?  Well, during the concert, this idiot decides to start smoking a cigarette!  She’s asked by a fellow concert goer to put it out, laughs and takes another puff!  Well, I’m sorry, that doesn’t go well with me.  I go get a security guy (who wasn’t very helpful).  She watches me talk to him so of course puts it out…

A while later, doesn’t she light up a second one!  This time, I went to the security guy, in that time (he was hard to find) the lady next to me went to her, asked her to put it out - the young idiot says to her “Do you know who I am?” and goes to take another puff! The lady took the cigarette out of her hand (and mouth) and left with it to snuff it out!  The useless security guy shows up while the idiot is screaming psycho, you are crazy… obviously drunk or high…
Needless to say - it was an interesting adventure from beginning to start- one we won’t forget!

We walked home and went to bed!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little quieter!

A few more pictures...
garbage boats just like on tv!

skyline from Lady Liberty

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