Saturday, July 12, 2014

New York - Day 4

Today we took the Harlem/Bronx tour.  We got on the bus and off we went.  We stopped for a visit of the Natural History Museum - where they “filmed” Night at the Museum.  I write “filmed” because the movie was actually filmed
in Vancouver - in a fake museum.  The actual museum didn’t want all the camera cruise and people inside the museum where they have very special artifacts.  We went through a few parts - and let me tell you, it looks exactly like in the movies!  That means they did an amazing job at recreating this place in Vancouver!

We got back on the bus to continue our tour.  It was pretty uneventful.  The tour guides are not all good.  We had a horrible one yesterday - couldn't understand a thing he said - and his voice was like a cartoon character.  One of the guides today just said anything and he sounded really dumb - for example, he told us that if we were in Harlem at night, we were sure to die or get kidnapped!  Oh really?  The guide right before told us it was safe in Harlem - of course if you don’t mind your business or you are a gang banger things will be different.  That makes much more sense!

We stopped by the Yankee Stadium, took a few pictures and moved on.  We got off the bus at the place where we picked up our race kits for tomorrow.  My bib number is 861.  I look forward to this race!  Money raised goes to the Cystic Foundation.

After picking up our kits, we walked back to Times Square - a long walk!  We stopped by the FAO Schwarz store - this gigantic toy/candy and other store - Fun, Fun, Fun!

We also went in the famous Apple store -it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! How nuts is that?  It was even nuttier inside - the amount of people - CRAZINESS!!

Back at the hotel (8km later), I had a short nap before our next adventure: the lego exhibit.  What a fabulous exhibit!  If you ever get the chance to see it you should!  It’s amazing!  The first part, the artist tried to recreate 1D artwork with lego blocks -he did a pretty fabulous job!  Other parts demonstrate his thoughts and feelings - it’s all pretty cool.  At the end, you signed a lego block that you added to the wall.  When he comes by, he will take these legos and turn them into something.

To finish our day, we had cheesecake at Junior’s - yum!  Off to bed to get ready to race tomorrow!

NBC m&M filled peacock tail
A few more pics...
Dandelion fountain
666 Park Avenue tv series was actually filmed here.

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