Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New York - Day 8

We are heading home today!  First, we are driving to Cape May in New Jersey - two hours away - to see birds.  Yup, you read correctly - birds.

Cape May is a quaint little town - looks like a vacation destination for people who want to relax - lots of places for rent.

We saw some pretty cool sites here!  We saw a couple oyster catchers take turns to catch food for their young chick.  I'm glad I'm not one of these birds!  It's hard work!  The nest is quite a ways from the ocean - the little guy runs to the beach, pokes its beak in the sand after a wave to catch mussels and run back to the baby to give it to him.  Then, the spouse runs to the beach to get another.  It's craziness!  Those little legs... phew!

looking for food
got some! (can't see it in this shot)

feeding baby

We also saw some wild swans - not something you see everyday either!  We were lucky to see a family!

What else... we saw an osprey, dolphins (right of shore!), geese, terns, ibises, a muskrat, a rabbit and lots of beautiful dragonflies.  We also saw a  - darn I forget it's name - black skimmer I think - pretty neat!  He skimmed the water right in front of us so I could get a couple shots!

swan family

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