Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arrival - July 8th, 2014

Well, that was underwhelming!  I had imagined arriving to a grandiose place - you know, turning a corner and seeing the city, or going up a hill and once at the top seeing this humongous place - well, nope, nope, nope! I think arriving to Ottawa from the west end is actually better than arriving here!  Oh well!

We are staying on 48th street - in Times Squares.  Let me tell you - it sure stinks on the streets!  There is garbage everywhere - I'm guessing it's garbage day?  When you arrive on street corners EWWW the smells are even worse - weird really!

We went for a loooonnnnngggg walk - there is so many people I'm finding that a little overwhelming - They are everywhere!  It's not scary - just overwhelming.  After walking for a while, Remi getting caught once by scammers - we had dinner at John's pizzeria - good pizza!  This crust, pepperoni and cheese.

We continued our adventure and ended up in Central Park - WOW!!!  What a gem amongst all this yuckiness!  Breathtaking! I can't wait to spend more time there on Saturday!  We walked back to the hotel going down 5th avenue - didn't see anyone famous (we are on a mission!).  We did see very expensive stores (didn't bother going in), and a really neat one called uni quo?  They have a really interesting concept going!  It's gigantic and inexpensive.  So colourful as well!

We went back to our hotel to get some sleep (which didn't happen much- uncomfortable bed, fear of bedbugs, you know... your mind plays tricks on you...).

Well, let's see what tomorrow brings!  Perhaps we will get used to the smells?  Oh - and get ready for Sophie's big surprise!!!  More on that coming soon!

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