Monday, July 25, 2016

Things I've learned/confirmed so far...

  • Food is very expensive!  A bowl of soup with a piece of bread - 16$ and more! 
  • Filling up with diesel or gasoline -not easy! Everything is written in Icelandic! 
  • Stop signs are very rare - I've only seen 2 so far.  They LOVE roundabouts though! They are everywhere! 
  • Road signs are very different than in Canada - It's a bit difficult to navigate since we can't read the signs - neither can the GPS.  We've been doing great though. Have not gotten lost yet! 
  • I may not buy a wool sweater.  I'm not paying 250$ or more for a sweater! 
  • Elaine probably won't get earrings as I've only seen one pair and they were $60! 
  • Denise might not get an ornament as I've not seen any.
  • Icelandic people are very nice and helpful. Even the little old man who didn't speak English! We managed to understand each other.
  • The landscape is diverse -Rocky mountains one minute, outer space looking the next, then fields and more mountains.
  • A bag of chips costs $9.  We don't eat chips everyday.

This is what we should've rented...
instead of this! 

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