Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 4 - Vik and area

Ah... a much calmer day today!  Busy, but calm!

We saw waterfalls, a bird reserve, a black beach, and the oldest swimming pool of Iceland (built in 1923).

The swimming pool was... interesting I guess I could say!  It was filled with algae!!  It was still very cool!

I will add photos as soon as I can - I have about 5 minutes left of life on my computer... argh.  Too many hogs of plugs around here!

We have been rained on everyday since we are here... I am praying for sunshine soon...

Black Beach - 
Little white churches with red roof - seen everywhere! 


  1. Where are you staying in Vik? We stayed in these adorable tiny cabins when we were there. We had a field of ponies by us. I loved that part of the country. I thought it was so beautiful.

    1. We camped at Þakgil - about 20 km from Vik. It was just so beautiful!

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