Thursday, July 14, 2016

Less than a week left!

I just want to pack and go!  The heat in Ottawa this week is just unbearable - even for me! Thank goodness for air conditioning and a pool! If only it wasn't so humid... oh well - can't complain too much - winter will be here before we know it and there we really will be complaining!

A co-worker of mine is in Iceland right now and I just want to join her!  her short posts make it seem absolutely fantastic!  I'm glad her posts are very short as to not give me too much - just enough to boost the excitement!  She has a wonderful blog -she's a much better writer than I am!  Check it out - Steph the Wayward Pilgrim.  I can't wait to read about her experience!

I'm thinking of what to pack - layers - long-johns, pants, long sleeve shirts, I doubt I will need shorts, thick socks for after the snorkeling in freezing water, what else, what else?  I intend on buying an Icelandic wool sweater while I'm there.

Enough blabbering... I'm off to go daydream some more!

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