Thursday, July 7, 2016

13 Days to Go!

Our great Icelandic adventure is about to start - only 13 days to go!   An adventure it will be! Camping for most of the time there - hopefully we will have great weather!  Planning is complete! Still trying to find out if credit card company provides insurance for the car rental or if we will have to purchase that as well... which would truly suck...

I have been looking at what is offered in terms of running in Iceland... interestingly enough - tons of trails and running groups yet no races - other than a marathon or two... which I say no thank you!  So for running... we will be running for pleasure, enjoying the scenery.  Here is a site with running info in case you ever go and want to learn more... Running Iceland

Then there is the food... those of you who know me well will know that this is a bit of a stressor for me... since I don't eat much of anything... I don't particularly like fish or seafood (Iceland is an island - I'm sure there will be plenty of fish to eat!), anything I would deem weird (that means: odd colour, odd smell, odd texture , you get the picture), anything out of the ordinary... I will be bringing granola bars so I at least have that to eat...

Here are two sites that were helpful in giving me an idea - will I starve or be able to eat something...

Intro to Icelandic Food -I think I can handle

  • the yogourt that isn't really yogourt, 
  • I can probably have a hotdog - hold any extra - bun and wiener will do,
  • I would like to try the puffin - can't be that much different from chicken... right? 
  • and chocolate - can I survive 14 days on chocolate?

Things I WON'T be eating:

  •  sheep head!! Really?  
  • fermented shark - for more than one reason! 
  • ram testicles- need I say more?
I can't wait to see what this trip will bring! 

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