Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yellowstone Trip: Day 9

We got up nice and early  to go see the Grand Prismatic from above.  Unfortunately, Remi couldn't join us as he was still not feeeling well from the nachos.  Instead, he stayed behind and did laundry.

So off Sophie and I go for an adventure...and what an adventure it was!  We park the car and start walking on the walking trail.  It's so cool -you turn a curve and start going up a little hill.  When you get to the top, you can see steam come up. Some people, I was one of them, can see colour eminating up in the steam.  What a sight!  People who just "look" usually don't see the colour... interesting isn't it?  Anyway, we keep walking a little bit until we saw a trail - but not a kept trail... it's just people who've gone up this steep mountain side.  We could see a couple coming down so Sophie and I start climbing.  There are trees fallen down everywhere, so we climb over them and try not falling down.  It's quite the steep grade so we have to stop from time to time to catch our breath.  Not the time to have a heart attack!  All I can think on the way up is - this better be worth it!

OMG! Was it ever worth the hard work!  It's the most beautiful thing I've seen!  I could've stayed there all day looking at this magnificent water hole!  What beauty! It's even more beautiful than any pictures in any book!

Now, understand that I'm not fond of heights - what getting older does to you!  Sophie had to take most of the pictures because I couldn't stand and look down.  We start looking around and what do we see?   Just a little further, we see a real trail with a little overlook!  We came up this horrible way -which we now have to go down - when we could have  done an easier way!  Oh well - our view was much nicer I'm sure as we were much higher and above the tree line.

I'm sorry Remi had to miss this beautiful sight!

After our grand prismatic adventure, we went for a drive and visited the last basins left - Biscuit and Black Sand Basins. Lots more geysers and hot springs.

Another beautiful day in Yellowstone!

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