Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yellowstone Trip: Day 12

Today we saw the Mud Volcano and the sulfur Cauldron - what can I say... PPPPEEEEEWWWWW!!!  The fumes are so toxic you can't stay there very long.  There are signs that said if you feel ill to leave right away!  That can't be good for your health!

Other than the bubbling mud and smelly lakes we saw some kind of hawk swoop down to attack a duck - right over our heads - thank goodness the duck got away!

After doing this 1 km walk, we decided to drive back to where we had see the bear the day before. There he was, still lying down in the same spot.  So off we went - deciding to come back later - since it's not very far from where we are staying.

We could not have returned at a more perfect time!  Just as we got there, the bear got up and made its way down to the side of the river where the carcass now was - in plain sight.  We could very clearly see that this was in fact a grizzly bear!  It was pretty cool to watch it eating off this buffalo carcass - you could see him digging through to find some yummy meat.  You could see the water dripping off its fur -we could not have seen it any better - unless on the side of a trail being attacked!! at least this was a safe distance and we were separated by a river. This was a chance in a lifetime! and we were lucky enough to see it!

After watching for a couple of hours we went on our merry way to see if we could now see the elusive wolves.  As we were driving in the hayden valley - where most of the wolf packs live - guess what we happen to come across.  A wolf jam!!!!!!!  yes! we would finally see the wolves!  Well, without binoculars or scopes impossible to see - just a white little dot... but... we had binoculars!  We saw two wolves feeding on a buffalo - we just missed the kill but that's ok... this is still a pretty rare sight!  Pretty awesome!

As you are watching the wolves, you have to be aware of the bison around you as they can also attack at any moment.  In fact, a guy on a motorcycle had the scare of his life.  I'm sure he needed new underwear when the ordeal was over! A bison charged him and his bike - but stopped just before hitting him - the guy fell over - and -I didn't see his face but Remi did - his face was priceless! Thankfully everyone was fine - everyone started laughing since this tough motorcycle guy didn't look so tough all of a sudden! Who can blame him!?

We left the area and on our way to the next sight seeing, we stopped for a potty break.  All of a sudden I hear Remi yelling out to Sophie: "Catch" and he hurled a bison pie at her!  It was so funny! Good thing I was the first one to go to the bathroom because I would've needed new pants!!!  She was so upset (her and her germ phobia!!). Now that was priceless!

Later that day we saw a coyote running right beside the car - we could almost have petted it.  We saw bald eagles again and other birds of prey.  We looked at the wolves one more time.  Interesting fact: when buffaloes lose one of their members, they mourn.  How do I know?  When the wolves left the dead bison for a rest, the herd came around and surrounded the dead animal - the whole scene was very solemn and heart wrenching... it was like a bison funeral.

On our way back to the hotel, we were stuck in a bison jam.   Two buffaloes, standing in the middle of the road, refusing to move.  Great.  How long will this last? a whole 10 minutes!

This was our last day in Yellowstone.  It's a marvelous park that everyone needs to see once in their life.  It's hard to believe that one day, all this beauty will be gone forever.  I'm feel blessed to have been able to have experienced it.

Tomorrow will be a sad day - we will be leaving this beautiful place.  We will be heading Rushmore.  Good bye Yellowstone!

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