Monday, August 6, 2012

Yellowstone Trip: Day 11

Day 11 was a really exciting day for us!  Before we get to the exciting part, we have to start with the mundane stuff!

We leave Old Faithful and head to the Canyon.  On the way, we stopped at the West Thumb basin.  It's raining - first time since we left Ottawa.  Lots of steam so it's hard to see the basins. There are some that are in the sahpes of cones and they are in the lake.  Pretty neat.

We leave the west thumb and continue on our way to our next destination.  On the way, we saw a group of people - a jam of some kind - and so we stopped to see - what if it was a grizzly bear I've been wanting to see?

My oh my!  It was a bear! Is it a black bear? a grizzly? hard to tell - it's black and smallish and because of it's position, can't tell if it has a bump on his back or not.  He's sitting, hunched over on the other side of the river - less than 100 feet away.  We can see him very well with the naked eye.  He gets up and starts climbing to a "clump" of dead branches where he laid down - and we could only see its head.  Talking to the people around - and the park ranger - we find out that there are two bears - one behind trees eating on a buffalo carcass, and this younger one waiting for his chance at some food.  We also find out that it is a grizzly bear - black grizzly!  We watched a while to see if he would come out again - but nope - so we left to go back to Hayden Valley - on our way to the outdoor cookout.  In the valley we saw a blad eagle - it was so close! It flew over our heads for probably 5- 10 minutes.  We saw it land beside another eagle - perhaps his spouse or child (we saw them again the next day).

We didn't see much other than the bald eagles and bisons of course.  We drove back to the place where we climbed on a horse pulled wagon to get to the cookout.  That was fun and delicious!

On our way home - about an hour drive of the most beautiful scenery - Remi and I saw a badger crossing the road.  Sophie was so upset that she didn't see it! oh well! That's life!  Made it to the hotel and went to bed.

What will tomorrow bring?

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