Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yellowstone Trip: Day 5

We get up, have breakfast and drive off to the Norris Geyser Basin.  On the way there, we stopped to have a look at the Sheepeater Cliff.  Interesting place!  The rock formation is like nothing you've ever seen!  A long time ago, the native tribe that lived here -the Shoshone would run after the herds of mountain sheep and lead them off this cliff - where the women waited at the bottom to get the dead animals.  Gross I know but hey, at least they didn't waste any part of the animal!

We continued to the Geyser basin where we saw our first geysers, boiling pools of water, and fumaroles (holes where gases and smoke escapes the mountain side).

After spending the day in -again scorching weather - we drove back to Mammoth for our wildlife tour - where we hope to see wolves.  We get in this cute "bus" and start our tour.  Our guide is named Natalie.  We drive all the way to Lamar Valley, where there is a pack of wolves.  Unfortunately, we missed a wolf kill by one day.  We did see the leftover - floating meat and all!  I know what you are think: Ewwwww! - we are thinking: Cool!  On our tour we did see bald eagle, a black bear, bison and pronghorn.  We also saw an osprey.  It was a little disappointing not seeing a wolf but we still have many days for this to happen.

Oh! We did get rained on!  When we were looking for the wolves, it suddenly started to pour!  There is no top on the bus... fun!  Ater our tour, we headed back to the hotel.  On the way back I saw a bald eagle.

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