Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yellowstone Trip: Day 3

We leave Fargo - a pretty plain town for our next stop on the way to Yellowstone.  We are now in North Dakota heading towards Montana on the I-94.  What a boring route!  There is not much to see except... are you ready for this?  A GIANT cow named Salem Sue.  She is huge at 38' tall!  Not everyone was interested in stopping but since I was the driver, I decided to stop to take a few pictures and stretch our legs.  We had to go up a little mountain to get to her.  From up there, the view was stunning.  We could see fields filled with bales of hay, and fields of windmills.  To Sophie's delight, we were also able to observe some kind of bird of prey - she's a little obsessed with birds these days!

We get back in the car and get going to our next destination: Billings, Montana.  On the long and boring way to Billings, we stopped to see the Painted Canyon, in the badlands of Montana.  It's pretty but nothing like Drumheller in Alberta.

We finally arrived in Billings and stopped for the night.  Outside our hotel window we could see deer and horses.  We had a good laugh as Remi kept telling us it was a rehab place for horses... yeah...right!  We had yummy (not!) Dairy Queen for dinner.  Did you know that in Montana you can't get a Skor Blizzard?  The girl didn't even know what a Skor bar was!  Poor girl! She doesn't know what she's missing!

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