Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Trip to Yellowstone

It's the beginning of July when my husband announces: "We are going on a trip.  You have two choices: Yellowstone National Park or Newfoundland."  Well!  That's quite the choice!  I've been wanting to go to NFLD for ever... but I want to be really prepared for that trip so I don't miss anything so...I chose Yellowstone.  We will be leaving in 2 weeks.

I'm excited because Yellowstone is filled with wildlife: moose, elk, deer, bison, wolves, black and grizzly bears, badgers, ground squirrels and other weasel type animals.  It also has countless types of birds and insects.  We are hoping to see as much of these as possible.

Yellowstone is also famous for it's thermal features including Old Faithful - people from all over the world come to see this famous geyser.

On our way back, we are going to stop in Deadwood, South Dakota.  This is also a highlight since Remi and I both loved the HBO series of the same title- based on really interesting American history.  Mount Rushmore is also a planned stop.

This should be a trip to remember.

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