Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Things I've learned part 2

  • Most bridges are one lane only -I'm sure this saves lots of money - not sure it would work in North America - we are too egotistical and would cause too many accidents
  • The roads have no shoulders -another good way to save money
  • Skyr is eaten as a dessert or snack -we've been eating it as breakfast
  • Censorship is not like in North America!! Songs on the radio use words we would censor - like the N word, the F word, the motherF word... see I'm censoring myself as to not offend anyone who may read my post! Not so in Iceland!  It was quite refreshing!!
  • There are a gazillion waterfalls
  • When entering a road, there is usually a map
  • Waiters don't bother you in restaurants.  They let you eat in peace.
  • Washrooms are very private.  They are always like little rooms - no big cracks that people can see you.
  • Texting/cellphones are used quite a bit while driving - kind of scary when your driver is never looking in front!
  • There are lots of funny signs
  • Road signs are very different.  I've seen 2 stop signs - rest are yields - again, not sure this would work in North America - everyone is busier than the next and has to go first...
  • Hotels and guesthouses don't use top sheets in the beds - just a comforter
  • Tons of "blindheads" - this is where you go up a hill and and you get a blind spot at the top - it's scary - You have no idea what's ahead! 

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