Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 12

We are now back in Reykjavik!

We started our day with a drive around rocky mountains, in the hopes to see a white tailed eagle... but no luck.  It would've been nice to see this majestic bird that was on the brink of extinction but is making a comeback - not a big enough comeback for us to see though.

We arrived to our hiking place for the day - Mount Esja.  It as a challenging hike up - quite steep in places and very rocky - you always have to look where you place your feet.  We didn't quite summit as you had to walk along a narrow path on the edge of a rock wall.  I'm not sure I would've been able to do that twice (once to go, and once to come back).  I could've easily have had a panic attack and be stuck there... We did make it up to where most people stop anyways.  Another great accomplishment!

After our hike, we made our way to drop off our camping gear (yes! done with sleeping on the ground!) and found the guesthouse we will be sleeping at for the next 2 nights.  It's a quaint little place.   We are walking distance from the city center which is nice.

We walked downtown to find a restaurant.   It was a 15/20 minute walk there.  We found a nice little place.

Remi had minke whale, Sophie had horse steak and I had plain fish and chips.  We all tried the different foods.  Whale meat is weird.  At first, it sort of tastes like beef but all of a sudden it tastes like fish.  The texture is a bit like beef.  It's a thin slice of steak, and it's very dark.  I'm glad  I didn't have a whole steak to eat!

Sophie ordered the horse steak.  That tasted very good!  It was a bit tough to chew though.  I'm also glad I didn't order that!  I would still be sitting there chewing!  Both Remi and Sophie had vegetables - they were delicious! I'm not sure what they cooked them in but yummy!

My fish was delicious!  The batter was light and crispy - nothing like the disgusting one we had yesterday!  My friend Ann would be very proud of me for trying these different foods (those who know me know I don't eat much of anything)!  Weird thing about salad here - we've never had dressing for it!  Odd!

Tomorrow brings another hike... hope it will be nice outside!  We've had 3 nice days in a row - let's keep it going!


  1. Okay, so I'm caught up on your posts and am SO HONOURED that you mentioned me in this last post! I am 'GIGANT'-ically proud of all the dishes you've been trying!!! I was kind of worried that you haven't been eating enough 'cause you haven't given to many good reviews, and with all that walking/hiking, you need to keep your nutrition up, mon amie!!! I am also in awe of the amazing adventures you've been having- you three have become quite the adventurers! (Side note: I saw a heck of a lot of geese and goose poop in Sault Ste. Marie... I know it doesn't compare to your travels, but just thought I'd share a birding adventure of my own! ;)

    1. There is lots of goose poop here as well!! Greylag Goose - they are pretty - not as pretty as our Canadian Geese though =)

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