Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Good news: We get up early this morning - 4am - to catch a cab to make our way to the airport, where an excellent adventure is supposed to start.

More good news - we get on board and safely land in Toronto.

Bad news: Toronto airport sucks when you are going on international flight.  It's badly organized, slow and just plain ridiculous.  Anyway, we go through all the hoops and make it to our gate.

Bad news - "What's your last name?  she asks.  "Roy" I reply.  "You are kicked off the flight because your bag didn't make it.  Please go to customer service" she says. What? That makes no sense - let me on and send my luggage on the next flight!  Nope. Not going to happen.

We go to customer service - got there just in time!  There is about 6 people in front of us and soon after about 50 people behind us!  Air Canada not having a good day... what else is new?!

We waited one hour - yes, you read correctly - 1 hour - that's how long it took them to serve 5 or 6 people!!  What great customer service - NOT!  It's finally our turn...

Good news (sort of)  We are booked on the next flight.

Bad news - the next flight is at 5pm -  we have to spend the day in the airport.

Good news - the only spots left were in First class!  We will be getting dinner on the flight!  They also gave us each $20 so we can have lunch in the airport.

I just hope the rest of the trip will run a little more smoothly than the first few hours of this day!

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