Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Leaving Seattle -to Ocean Shores

We got up bright and early to make our way to Port Angeles to go whale watching.  We got on the boat and made our way to see the orcas off the coast of Vancouver island and San Juan island.  The ride there was ok - a little chilly but calm enough.  We got there and saw the whales!  They were not what I expected... I found them a little boring - no fluke, just very large fin.  We did manage to see mom and baby though! That was pretty neat!

The way back was not fun!  I guess the winds picked up and it was a very rough ride... Did not enjoy it at all!  Not too many did I don't think!  People were puking left and right.  I managed to keep it in but came close a few times!

I was really happy to get off that boat!  felt queasy for a while but had some ginger ale and that solved the problem.  Phew!

We went on our merry way.  We stopped at a beach - if you can call it that - called Ruby Beach.  You can't swim there but it is beautiful!  We stopped at the first and the fourth one - where there was supposed to be tide pools, but since the tide was coming in we didn't get to see it.

The forests here are just amazing!  I can't explain it and pictures don't do them justice.  On the way, we passed through a couple of rainforests.  They are so dense you would get lost within feet of the trail - if you could even get in!  There are beautiful ferns everywhere and the trees are already very big - not sequoia big but huge nonetheless!

white crowned sparrow
We've seen interesting birds: tufted puffin, white crowned sparrow, pigeon guillemot, barn swallow, osprey, rhinoceros auklet, common muir, possibly a petrel, glaucous winged gull, heermann's gull.

barn sparrow

Other things worth mentioning:

  • took 10 208 steps. Not many - spent 5 hours on a boat
  • Rémi was attacked by little sparrows.  That'll teach him to walk past a nest! 

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