Monday, June 29, 2015


Seattle is a beautiful city!  Lots and lots of green spaces - just like we like it!  There are some pretty weird looking pine trees here!  I didn't get any pictures yet... I hope to see one when I'm not driving.

We had a busy day!  We woke up quite early as our bodies are not used to the time change yet... so 5 am it is!  We had breakfast in the hotel and off we went for today's adventure.

Our first stop:  Freemont Troll.  We found a giant troll under a bridge.  We spent a few minutes taking pictures of this giant troll.  Remi almost got snorted by the troll! This is an art piece - I forget what it was created for... all I know is it's a neat thing to have in your city!

We then moved on to Kerry Park to get a view of the skyline and Mount Rainier - unfortunately, Mount Rainier is hiding in "fog/smog" - you can see a very faint mountain on the right.  Will have to try again tomorrow morning.

After going down a ton of stairs just for fun, we moved on to downtown area - under the space needle.  It's gay pride parade/festival today... rainbows everywhere - even at the top of the Space Needle!  There, we visited the Chihuly Glass Garden.  Wow!  There are some great artists out there! The glass looked like coral reefs - just amazing!

 Once we finished looking at the beautiful art, we had lunch at Dick's Drive-in.  Great little dive - cheap too!   We then drove back to the hotel to rest up before the race.  We had time for a nap and off we went.  The pictures from the race are on my phone and I'm having issues having it connect to the internet... so no photos.  I'll try tomorrow from the next hotel.

We did a good race.  Official time was 30:03 - Sophie's best time so far.  It sure was hot - and a couple of hills (yuck!)  Funny enough, no water stations... that would have been really nice... oh well!

After the race, we made our way to Pike Market Place, bubblegum alley and the big ferris wheel.  21 676 steps later - I'm off to bed as we have an early start tomorrow.  We have to leave before 6:30 to make it to our whale watching destination.  Stay tuned!  (internet is painfully slow - will add a couple pics tomorrow if it's any better - argh)

Other things worth mentioning:

  • took 21 888 steps.
  • I hate the GPS.  For some reason, I'm not meant to use one! I never turn where I'm supposed to - or is it the streets that are screwed up?

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