Saturday, May 12, 2018

Group hike -Meech Lake

Got up early this morning to go hiking with out Peru Trekking group.  Jason, Tracey, Paul, Heather, Remi and I met up at P11 - the parking at Meech Lake.  We set out towards the Carbide ruins and beyond. 

It was a perfect morning for a hike - beautiful weather: under 10 degrees, the sun shining, not too many bugs yet - only a few stubborn mosquitos.  We set off up that first hill and walked to the beautiful ruins.  We took a couple minutes to chat a bit, take a few pictures and off we went continuing on the trail up the other side. 

We went for a while, some of us trying not to get our boots too dirty or wet!  When we got back to our cars, we had completed  little over 6km.  Next hike will have to be a bit longer...but this was a great start!
The beautiful falls.

Remi and I

Paul and Heather

Tracey and Jason

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